Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Run to the Hills

I had the day off today.  Rode from Mississauga to Milton.  Basically took Eglinton west until (I think) Sixth Line, headed north and turned left at Derry.  Made my way over to Steeles and rode up an down the escarpment a few times.   That hill, as well as the climb up Appleby to Rattlesnake are serious climbs.  I mean, not Mt Washington, Tenerife, or Passo Dello Stelvio style but still tough if you consider most of my training is around Mississauga with not a lot of up.  The entire ride home was into a headwind with a fair amount of traffic.  I am guessing it was just over 100kms today.  No computer on that bike, so I'm guessing.

Here is the view that I did NOT see today while doing my hill intervals

Here is Vic after finishing the climb seen in the first photo
Vic races for Wheels of Bloor, and usually goes somewhere exotic for spring training
This was one of the views from atop MT. Washington.  Serious climb.
I think I did it in 1:20:43
Here is the base of Steeles Ave in Milton, doesn't look that impressive in pics but it's a steep hill

                                                              the view looking down

                                                                       The view afterwards.....

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