Monday, April 11, 2011

This isn't science fiction, it's real fiction!!!!

What a day today.  I can't believe I had to work indoors all day.  I definitely should have have cancelled my work today, and traded it for a hearty 120km spin.  Anyways.........tomorrows day off will remedy that error.

I ate lunch in one of Toronto's many secret underground malls.  I imagine no one actually knows how many malls are underneath the city, along The Path, and under every other huge building.  This one was at Yonge and Sheppard.  I enjoyed a delicious and fairly wholesome Extreme Pita.  That word (extreme) still really appeals to my generation.  Extreme.  Makes me feel like a real rebel.  Or at least a serious risk taker. No one ever used to use the words 'extreme', or 'random'  until like 15 yrs ago. No one ever uses 'raging' which is one of my favorites.     I also  like 'intense'.  Always seems like a cool 'go to' word for me.

                                                         Is that how you spell Heineken?

After lunch I went back to work at the Frog and Firken across the street where I was startled to see not one Belgisch Bier on their beer menu.  I understand it was an Irish Pub....but they sold crappy American beer.  Also some average Canadian beer.  So why repudiate all the delicious beverages brewed with such loving care from our friends way over in the land of bergs.  Anyways........I am heading out for a 90 minute ride down around the Lakeshore/Mississauga Rd South area.  Anyone want to join me....I do several laps around Indian Rd and that long fast road along the QEW.  It'll be extreme.

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