Monday, April 18, 2011

Rock Soldiers

What a weekend.  Or what a week to be more precise.
Wednesday :Milton ride
Thursday: Worked all day, all night.
Friday  :Worked all day , all night
Saturday: Worked all morning.  Rain and sleet all day-no riding.
Sunday: get up at 5:00 to drive up to Calabogie Speedway to race at 11:15.
Summation: Little sleep, and no riding before a big race leaves me feeling not ready.

.                                  Got all my stuff laid out.  Nothing missing except my legs.

It only took me 6 tries to get a decent pic of these guys.......

The drive up to Calabogie was a little unzipped.  It would go from sunny to rain and sleet with no notice.  I prayed to the gods of Meteorology that Calabogie would be spared the onslaught that my windshield was currently enduring.  I have to admit, I wasn't there in time to see the Master B womens race or the Master 3 race.  But Ann got a 3'd and Phil and Dave got 6th and  32nd respectively .  Awesome results especially considering it was their first races.

We took our spots at the line.  The track was dry.  It was windy as hell, but dry.  I'll take wind over wet.  But only just.  We all took off and the 4 of us (Andy, Marco, Emilio, and me) all went to the front.  Stayed there for the whole race.  We knew we had a job, and goddamit!!!!!! we were going to do it.  control the race he says????  Hells yeah we did.  Marco chased down several attacks and was the real bruiser of the pack.  Emilio too.  I never knew Emilio was that strong.  Andy , being the strongest of us went off and a few attacks but got reeled back in.  On the 2'nd or 3'd last lap he got away with a strong Ottawa guy ( I think he won it last year) and we slowed things down and let them open a large gap.  After a while several guys were yelling that a chase had to begin, and that we were not going to help...................but they couldn't get their shit together  which left andy and Ottawa boy to sprint it out.  It the best race I have had.  At least on the enjoyment scale, rather than the results scale.


Andy beats the guy in the sprint to the line by 2 or more bike lengths, but is told (mistakenly) that they have 1 more lap.  Collectively they pull off another lap whereby Andy loses this sprint.  How the hell can the race officials screw up on the last lap and let the leaders do another lap and not the rest of the pack.  We all did 15 laps, the leaders have to do 1 additional lap?   Come on...................

Andy : 2nd place.

Master 1 race with Stan, Marc and Krys went a very similar way to the Master 2 race.  Marc and Stan  controlled, or partially controlled the front of the pack for a big portion of the race, with Krys in a break with Bruce Bird (Wheels of Bloor) and 3 other dudes whom I don't know.  Their break was strong and they were never going to get caught. The highlights of their race was that the blizzard started up again a few times during their race, and the wind was worse than in our race.  Last lap Bruce gets a flat.  Then something happens with Krys's cassette and he can't shift.  He loses the sprint.  Vic Pwu gets 25th in this, his first M1 race.  A good day for everyone from Toronto.

Krys: 4th
Marc: 10th

                                               Moments after the M2 race a blizzard moved in

                                                          Dr. Booth putting the hurt on the pack

  Stanislav  before he took his gloves off.  Literally

Krys on the break. Last lap

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