Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What would Mario do?

Tonight was my first night riding with the new team in 2011.  Almost everyone was there.  Marco, Stan, Krys, Andy, Emilio, Joe and a couple of new guys-Phil and another I didn't actually meet.    We were riding 2 wide and what I thought was going to be an easy ride turned into a friggin' dogsled pull.  As soon as Krys and I got to the front he made us drive a punishing (to me) pace that I was barely able to hold.  Add to that the fact it was now below freezing outside and the wind was picking up.  Florida was a little nicer.

Last week when we got in from training we had a salad, maybe a beer and then a swim.   Tonight I had to wait for my frozen toes to uncurl, then shiver my way through the assembly of a hot chocolate.

I brought my camera to snap a few pics but the pace was such that if I had struggled to take it out I would have gotten dropped like lapdog.

Tomorrow I am hoping my pal David will join me for some easy paced hills in Milton.  I need to recover from last week still.  And tonight.

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