Monday, March 28, 2011

Freewheel Burning

Dropped the munchkin off at daycare this morning. Then went riding.  CP24 said it was about -4 degrees.  That's sort of been my ceiling for enduring the cold.  Any colder and it's just not fun or safe.  Hands don't grab brakes quickly enough and I feel if I crash my frozen bones will snap.  I pulled out my Khaybar and gave my Prince a little respite after the hard week in the south.  Can't tell which bike I like more.  Maybe the edge goes to the Khaybar since it has Campy and not Shimano

Here's what I had to wear in order to keep from freezing.
Assos spring socks.
Sidi Ergo II shoes
Assos shoe covers
Sugoi full length leg warmers
Assos Mille bibs
Assos DB short sleeve jersey
GSG insulted arm warmers
Hincapie wind vest
Champion System insulted Jacket
Merino Wool Trainer
Sugoi lobster gloves
Sugoi toque 
Vermarc cap
Rudy Project transitions glasses
Rudy Project helmet

I was sweating like a pig when I got home, but my feet were a bit frozen.  I should have worn insulated shoe covers.   

65kms in this weather earns me 1 Duvel.   I am going to bank it for tonight.

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