Thursday, March 31, 2011

Enemies fill up the pages, are they me?

It's the last day of March, and damn this cold weather.  Where is this damn global warming when you need it?
Due to work and family obligations I wasn't able to ride today as I had hoped.  It was pretty warm and would have been a great day to go out to  Milton and ride up and down the escarpment.

Anyways, I had a fantastic dinner.  Great fuel for a hard push around the Mid Week Crit Course.  I ride there a lot in the summer if I can't get out enough during the day.  Although the scenery doesn't change much I can't say I don't enjoy some of the benefits to riding loops in a quazi-industrial park alone at night.  There is no traffic to speak of.  The loop is fairly well lit.  When it's hot and the night time sprinklers come on to water the grass a nice cool mist fills the air around the wide bend before the slight uphill grade.  The other nice thing is that I can practice taking the one fast corner from different lines without anyone in front of or behind me.  I can even scream "whoooooooooooooh!!!!!" like Ed Veal does when I cross the line alone.

Tonight was no different. Only much colder.  It seems the city has swept the roads so my fears of pitching it around the corners were alleviated, and still no cars.  No other riders.....but still nary a car to be seen.

I have a similar day planned for tomorrow.  Work, daycare pick-up, dinner, playtime, bathtime, bedtime.  Then back to the crit course.  Taking the Guerciotti tomorrow.


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