Monday, July 11, 2011

See him flying through the air, if he don't land then he don't care

About 13 or 14 years  ago I had  a cool little house in downtown Kitchener.  I had a fantastic dog named Tajo.  I trained him so well.  He knew his lefts and rights.  He was a great little lead dog for my Dogsled team.  One night the city was hit with a blizzard.  One of those snowstorms where they close the shopping malls early, Taxi cabs won't pick you up, and your Mom calls to say you shouldn't go out to the clubs if you were planning on it  (which I was).   I decided it might be cool to harness up my 2 dogs and see if they could pull me on the sled without the rest of the team.  The roads were shitty with snow.  No cars.  Visibility was near-Ace Frehley conditions.  So we decided take a sled ride to the beer store and pick up a case, and spend the night at home.  We raced down the main street of Kitchener towards the intersection that marked our destination .  I imagine our speed was in the ballpark of 30 kph. ( I had previously clocked my dogs top speed at 48kph when running beside my bike.  This time  there were 2 of them, but they were pulling a 15 lb racing sled, and me.  30kph felt about right.)  We got to the Beer Store and I ran in nonchalantly and ordered a case of Sol.  The guys behind the counter collectively staring at my mode of transportation, which also happened to be  staring at them .  It took a minute to get my beer.  I guess downtown Kitchener Beer stores don't get a lot of dogsled team Beer runs.  Losers.

look at that derailleur . not a scratch!

I just put this BMC Streetfighter  back together today.  It is going to be my new winter transportation.  Actually that's a falsehood.  It will be my winter training bike.  I doubt I'll ever use it to get anywhere.
Note all the awesome parts from racing days gone-by.  I'm totally looking forward to riding it this fall.  Or this summer in the rain.

Cuz he rips. HE RIPS!!! 

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