Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lethal Injection BBQ sauce 2.0

Tonights awesome dinner was a braised* chicken alongside a trash-hill sized pile of Bazmati rice, and a few organic carrots.  I have always hated cooked carrots.  My mother has always overcooked her carrots and for that reason I just can't bring myself to eat them if they are even warm.

I made a pretty awesome BBQ sauce today.  I saw a recipe once for a sauce with pretty cool name, although it escapes me currently I can sort of remember it's ingredient list.  I just adjusted it to my drunken liking.

Pour a bunch of ketchup into a bowl.  Like maybe a 1/3 of a cup.  Heinz is the preferred ketchup, but in many ways its sort of like...whatever.
Add a really hot habanero sauce to it.  At least a tbsp.  At least.  Unless you're a chick.   I use El Yukateco Green,  my old GF (definitely in my top 3 of ex's) went to Cozumel one time and got me this....I got hooked on it like crack.  Any really hot shit like Blairs, Dave's Insanity, etc etc will also do, just use less.  Pure cap is kinda rank.  But again......whatever.
Add a pinch of cinammon.
Add a smaller pinch of onion salt.
Also about 6-12 revolutions of a pepper grinder. (depending on your grinder)
Add a little virgin coconut oil.  Maybe a 1/2 tsp,  olive oil will do.
Stir it intensely  in a  counter-clockwise motion  and then pour or brush it on your BBQ'd-To-be meat.  Make sure when brushing it on the meat you don't actually look at the chicken.  I'm told in some countries that can be considered cruelty to animals.  Or even bestiality.

notice the cherry tomatoes in the not so distant distance.....I didn't touch those.

That rice was the same kind of rice Jesus used as a side dish for all that fish,  Well, some guys got bread.....

* I have no idea what braised means.  I was just taking a stab.......

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