Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maim to please/Terra Cotta reconnaissance

Today I went out to the Terra Cotta course.  I wanted to check the hill out.  After last years bomb I wanted to make sure it was just bad riding and not just a huge hill.  I'm leaning towards the fact that I just sucked last year, because  I think I raped that hill 5 times today.

The wind was whistling through the trees today.  The river rafters were out in full force, with their giant inner tubes, coolers of beer and 22 yr old girlfriends in bikinis.   Maybe the best part of the ride.  I imagine it's going to be another windy race on Monday.   I'm racing the Blue Flame again . The  Pinarello Prince.  Dura Ace drivetrain  and all.  It goes up like a rocket.  Hopefully the engine is full of rocket fuel.

Smashing the sound barrier
break open suns at will
gaining on you faster
leaves jet planes standing still

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