Sunday, July 31, 2011

Screaming for Vengeance

I hit one of my favorite loops today.  Woodstock/Beachville/Sweaburg.   I wanted a slightly hilly ride but nothing too challenging as I was mostly spinning in the small ring, with a few bursts upwards.  I don't know why there aren't more cyclists out there, possibly because there just aren't any cyclists in the area.  Or just insufficient for me to ever come across one.  If I lived out there again, I would have a serious relationship with those roads.  There's almost no cars, and the ones that did pass didn't even try to run me into the ditch.

a nice climb heading north into the wind

pretty much this is what it looks like everywhere.....

next time I'm going to see where that roads goes

50 easy kilometers .  Just enough to keep the legs fresh for tomorrows  100km battle royale in Terra Cotta.  
Here's what I weighed this morning.  POW!!!!

I haven't been in the featherweight club for a few years, feels good to be back

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