Monday, June 6, 2011

Nice hills, nice beer !

Today was so nice out that I thought I better take advantage of the sun and go for a ride in case I can't tonight. I have recently been introduced to a new and fantastic area to ride.  The Hockley Valley.  Today I went from the Brampton fairgrounds and meandered up through the many canopy covered side roads up to Orangeville.  It's not a really long ride so you need to take some lefts and rights instead of going straight up there, or you'll get there in an hour.  A few of the roads are still gravel, and some are even more like dirt.  No traffic lights,  no rogue taxi cabs, and no angry moose to contend with.  I wish I would have thought to bring a pocket camera so these pics turned out a bit more clearly.  Its difficult to see how the roads go off into the distance with a smart phone camera.   The hills aren't huge climbs but they are still frequent enough that you need to be on your game so not as to upset your rhythm too much.

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