Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Indirect hit

The season is basically over.  The guys have come back from Belgium, Vic is back from Germany.  I had a better last quarter of the season.  Marc finally convinced me to get a power meter.  (not sure how I feel about that yet....) I've also served my time at Invita Sport and am looking forward to having Saturdays off.  So it's time to think about drinking some beer, watching the CX races, and buying some boots for winter.

I went to meet the team again tonight as per the training schedule, and no one was there.  Why this always happens ?  I don't know.  I rode for a while with Rob D'Amico, which was probably every bit as useful as riding with the team.

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  1. I was motor pacing with Rob last week, just the two of us chasing Kris around. I'll be back next week so at least there will be two of us.