Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tour of Terra Cotta

Did some hill intervals today.  Then rode for nearly 3 hrs at tempo.  Most of it in the rain.  July has been so dry, it felt great to get wet like that.  I didn't even care that my bike was covered in crap.  I ate a bowl of pasta and fantastic sauce afterwards with my favorite Belgian style bread, available only at Metro Grocery Stores.  It's like Italian bread but with a much thicker crust.  Really tasty.  I weighed myself today.  I was 150.4 lbs.  I can safely say I am below 150 as I had that entire meal in me, and also had on underwear and shorts.

This Monday is the Tour of Terra Cotta.  Last year I got caught behind a pack of slower guys and got separated from the main pack and fell off with a bunch of other dummies.  There's no way that is going to happen this time. I currently have the best fitness I have ever had and a Samurai's determination to boot.

Shark Week starts this Sunday on discovery Chanel at 9:00pm eastern standard time.   Sharks rule.

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