Friday, July 15, 2011

Springbok country

Tonight we rode the Matheson loop, basically whipping by Invita Sport bikes.  We were motorpacing behind Krystophs car most of the time, then we did a variety of sprint drills.  Krystoph had one of those new little actions video cameras attached to the back of the car so he could watch us later.  He may be compiling footage for a video later on.  Being that we are probably the team that trains most together of any Masters team around here it should be an awesome video when its done.

Best part about tonight was after we did our sprints and did our final lap we came around the last sweeping bend and there were two deer galloping alongside the road.  Keeping in mind we were 70' from the 401 highway , which is arguably the busiest highway in north America, and we were maybe 250' away from the Toronto airport.  To see two deer jogging by was pretty cool.  I took off after them and in a turn of insane acceleration on my part I sort of caught one of them.  I wouldn't have believed it but I did gain on it nicely.  Then it turned and crossed the road in front of me.   Krys got a lot of it recorded on his Hero Camera , or whatever it's called.

Tonight I'm rewarding my efforts with a strangely delicious new Belgian treat.  Lindemans Brouwerij Cuvee Rene.  A wild lemony-fruity beer that tastes almost like champagne.  Very carbonated but seemingly with smaller more intense bubbles.  A sour brew.  I only bought one bottle, but I will correct that error tomorrow.

Cobourg race on Sunday.   Fuck=YEAH!!!!

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