Monday, June 13, 2011

When problems arise

Yesterdays Ontario Cup race didn't really go as planned, or to be more accurate 'as hoped'.  I totally bombed on the 10th of 11 laps.  I am still going over in my head what went wrong.  Was it my training leading up the race, was it the gearing on my bike?  Was it bad positioning at a crucial moment?  Am I still not 100 % after being sick and taking 5 weeks off from racing?  A combination or all or several of those reasons?  I don't know. All  I know is that I felt good going into the race but man did I feel like a piece of crap near the end.

As a whole our team did well.  Not fantastic , but well.  No one hit the podium, but everyone else seemed to be prepared for the windy war.

Anyways tonight was the recovery ride.  I did about 45 kms in the small ring and left the group , who had already spent an hour doing stretching exercises together while I rode.

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