Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another night.......

Anyone who doesn't go and check out the Forks of the Credit, Belfountain, Hockley Valley areas is an idiot.  It's about as nice around there as it gets in Ontario.  Today I rode between 60-70kms from the north of Brampton to/and around the Forks of the Credit.  It was about 28 degrees and almost no wind.  Adding awesome conditions to the already wicked roads, and canopy of trees.

          this place Tammeron is in Belfountain, they have only organic treats, drinks and food

After I got home I had one of my favorite dinners.  Some type of Belgian style bread ( that I have loved for years,  long before I realized the superior flavourful taste of Belgian beer) with Italian Choritzo salami, fresh fruit, and a boconcinni salad.  I figure it's as close to natures perfect meal as you can easily have.  That or a Pizza from Terroni.

                                                     baby boy is asleep, now I can chill out

High Park ride tomorrow night.  6:00pm.

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