Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3 days until National Championships

Tonight was scheduled to be the 99 lap Mid Week Criterium but I guess with the National Championships coming up on Friday not too many people wanted to ride an endurance race 3 days before.  So the turn out wasn't that great.  Maybe 45-50 guys instead of  the usual 100+.

The National Criterium race was scheduled to be a points race , but I guess for various reasons they changed it to a regular Crit race.  I can't wait.  Balls out boy!!!!

Advantage: team Kurzawinski.

Me and Joe Acardi

Crazy Train

the best part of this picture is that we are both drinking Duvel at work
Special thanks to Juan, my favorite mechanic in the city.  He set up my bike to perform flawlessly for tonights race, as well as Fridays more important race.  Thanks Muchacho!

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