Sunday, May 1, 2011

You know that feeling when 10 guys beat the crap out of you?

Ontario Cup # 2  Springbank Park, London

I felt great yesterday.  I did everything right this week. Raced once, and did another team ride which was quick. and rode by myself at least 50kms each day.  Ate well, not too many beers.  Last night I went to bed at 10:00 and woke up at 7:00am.  Took a hot shower, went to a little diner for a decent breakfast and coffee. Then I went back home (my Moms) and changed.  Nice fresh clean white team kit.  Slathered the embrocation on the legs, and drove 25 minutes to the race.  Registered, then did some hill intervals.  I know the area very well so anyone who didn't know London wouldn't know where to find some decent hills close by in which to get the heart rate cooking.  Everything, seemingly was 'comin' up Trev'.  

We took our places at the start line, although it seemed to be to the disdain  of the sky , as it was pouring rain.  Not just peeing.  Basically pouring.  The race must go on they say.  The hardmen persevere.

I think I rode a near perfect race.  I did a little time at the front,  made a small attempt to get away , but was instantly persued.  So I basically sat in various spots throughout the pack and bought some time. Marco was at the front as usual, Andy and Emilio were uncharacteristically more near the middle to back of the pack.  Not sure what happened to Joe.  Haven't heard yet.

I was feeling great.  Last lap with about 400-500m to go I spotted a gap on the left side of the pack alongside the curb.  I took it and began my advance.  I was thinking 'shit this is it!!!  My legs are good, and I am in a good spot.  Lets go!!!'  Marco is on my wheel, we are going to podium for sure.  Then out of nowhere, or somewhere to my immediate right.... some biff takes my line.  Bumps right onto me .  I have no space or time to correct, going too fast as well.  I hit the curb.  The sound of carbon grinding concrete is like nails on a blackboard to me.  I am upside down and headed for the business end of a big ass tree.  Luckily I didn't hit the soft, wet ground as the oppression screaming  maple tree was able to break my fall, possibly my left thumb and definitely my new $5000 frame.

I would have thought the dude who put me into that curb would come back after he crossed the finish line to see if he had , indeed, killed me.  It would have been the cool thing to do.  Pretty sure he was riding for Gears Racing.

Regardless of the bruising, dizzyness , vertigo etc etc.......and my crunched frame I had a great day.  I don't think there was much I could have done better.  I was prepared, and fought hard for my positions.  Sometime you just can't foresee someone else's moves.

I also have to endorse a great product with my full appreciation and thanks.  Spray n' Wash was able to make my nearly all brown and black stained uniform 100% white again.

I hope it can fix cracked 50 ton carbon fibre too.  Boom!

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