Friday, April 8, 2011

A show of hands if you miss Chi-Chi's.

April 8th.  Friday.  End of the week.  Fridays generally equal an evening ride, a couple of Biers, and something good for dinner.  I accomplished all 3.  Rode the Mid Week course for about 70 minutes.  Mostly spinning.  Took a few of the fast corners really quickly just to make sure I was still alive.  Then Krystoph pulled around the bend heading towards me with his head down.  If Craig Fagan would have seen him with his head down like that he would have sent him home, or relegated him to back of the pack.    So I rode home with him.  As we rode down the dark streets he elaborated on some areas of my riding that are of concern to him.   We practiced the correct technique for a while and then I turned off.  As in high school I find a 1 on 1 teaching style to be a lot more effective.

                                                              Dissatisfied Blackberry user

When I ride at night, which seems to be happening more and more with amazing frequency I wonder about how many riders and racers never ride at night.  I get to enjoy almost no traffic, maybe even see the tail end of a setting sun.  Or at least the pinkish stain on the sky that I think pollution and the atmosphere combined with diminishing light can create.   Mostly I like the cool wind and the quiet.  It's the closest thing to riding  way out on a country sideroad with only your own thoughts as company for suckers like me who live in the city.
Man I miss Kitchener.  Even London.  The racing wasn't as good, but the riding was untouchable.

As for the other 2 accomplishments.................I am again enjoying a couple of Hoegardens, and I had an Organic Peanut butter and honey triple decker sandwich.   Feeling a little sassy, I decided to microwave it.  BINGO!  Another winning idea by the T-Wrecks.

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