Wednesday, April 20, 2011

God hates us all

Unable to meet the team at Hockley Valley I was left with my usual default training ride.  The Mid Week criterium course.   It was pleasantly drier than last night.  Much windier.  The wind whistled more like a tardy Autumn rather than early/mid spring.   Regardless, it was a great ride.  The wind added the sensation of a new hill to the that was previously much flatter.   Whipping around that fast right turn I was at nearly my top speed.  I hope all these months of practicing that corner and its  various lines prove fruitful when I am trying to make up spots or trying to hold a breakaway.

Tonight I was rockin' a sweet Eddy Merckx replica merino wool sweater on top of my technical cycling fabrics.  I have been wearing wool for about 7 yrs.  Not like dudes from back in the day, but I still enjoy its warmth, non-itchiness, and ability to not smell after being perspired in.  Well, mostly its that the old school jerseys and sweaters look dope!!!!( Now that I'm 40 can I even say dope? I think if it was a term when you were in high school , you can say it in your later years.  That's why I really shudder if an 'adult' says "my bad").  If waterproof cycling shorts were more available (or even made.....) I really think a lot more riders would be out in the rain.  Even the cold rain like last night.......But racing into the wind at 40+kph soaking wet is something best left to the true flahutes, and hardmen.

If I can do one thing just as well as the hardmen of Museeuw, Van Petegem, and Boonen it's expunge at least 1 Leffe while typing this. Sentence.

Rainbows apologize for angry skies-Sylvia Voirol

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