Monday, March 14, 2011

Honey!!!!! Where's the stuff I stole from that Apiarist?!?!?!?

No seriously though.  I have always kind of considered myself a bit of a sandwich aficionado.  If I find a good sandwich place, I like to frequent it.  I enjoy the meat sandwich.  Oh man, there's nothing like a good turkey breast sammy, or baked chicken sammy to accompany a delicious bier. Recently though I have re-discovered a very old favorite.   One that my little brother lived on until he was 15.  Arguably one of natures finest kitchen creations.  The Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich.  Hells yeah, You may have thought I was going to say something mental like Tuna Salad or something with Mayo on it.  Screw that, I'm a purist.  I won't bastardize a helpless quick and easy meal buy adding crap like that.  I didn't get my a 60% in grade 11 foods class for nothing.  But the PB and H sandwich can be mocked several ways.  You can use shitty PB like Kraft , Skippy, Jif or some generic version that's loaded with hydrogenated fat and salt, or you can get real peanut butter.  The kind with only one ingredient.  Peanuts.  Now, if you do get the real deal, you have to refrigerate it, onacounta it has no preservatives .  I also recommend stirring it while it's room temperature, then put it in the fridge.  It's hard to stir when cold.

Honey. It's so often overlooked.  Who really uses honey in their adult years?  Maybe you give it to kids, or to trick your dog or a bear into eating something .  Maybe even you use it for some lemon tea if you're feeling kinda swishy.  But pour a few tablespoons of it on on a fresh peice of bread , already dosed with organic peanut butter and you have some good chow.    My new favorite honey is Presidents Choice Organic Wildflower Honey.  It's thick and doesn't pour.  You have to spread it like Marmite.  And it's nearly as good as Marmite, and doesn't ruin your breathe for the day either.

If you find some locally made million grain bread, and don't screw up with crappy honey or PB.  You have an awesome sandwich that you can take on a ride.  Who cares if it gets squished in your back pocket?  It'll taste better I bet.  Better than a damn cliff bar or an apple.  Who needs apple's anyways?  Most types suck anyways.  The Royal Gala is the only apple with a decent palmares.

I am going to have a nice little snack before bed.


2 or 3 slices of good bread
cover with Organic Peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)
Add honey to taste.  The more the better

Leave out the butter.  You don't want a heart attack. 

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