Friday, February 11, 2011

Back in NYC

This month I am going to title all my posts with the names of intense songs or albums that I cranked and found helpful in putting the power to the wheels. Old Genesis is actually pretty hard.

I am following my program to the letter and the legs don't even look like mine anymore.  I am told next weeks program is adding a lot more power work.  The Barodeur is coming to town this spring.

After some long deliberation I have decided to try altering my diet a bit, starting now.  First thing is cutting out white bread.  I probably eat too much of that as it is.  Even if it is in the form of a soft fresh, delicious pita shell.  No more white rice.  More raw veggies.  Even less dairy.  Currently I don't consume much dairy, with the exception of choco milk.  But I can find an alternative.  I almost never eat read meat save maybe a monthly burger or steak burrito.  I have nearly dropped beer from my diet entirely. That is the hard one.  And although its an integral part of this diet I have to have some sort of crutch.  I never get drunk anymore, but I sure do love me some Duvel after a hard ride or while scanning my Internet machine.

Starting this year all the training is for the National Championships and the world Championships in Belgium.  We are not as concerned with the local  or provincial races.  I would love to do well in every race, but the Ardennes are the goal atop all other goals.    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.   Racing in Belgium before I get too old, or too broke.  I am hoping for 2 weeks there.  Trip of a lifetime.

Gotta go sell some bikes today.

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